Our Approach

Core Values

picWe believe that how we achieve is fundamental to what we achieve. Four core values, with the central value of partnership, underpin all aspects of our business:

Honesty - we are truthful, trustworthy and sincere in all of our business dealings.
Integrity - we act ethically, impartially and professionally.
Passion - we are enthusiastic, energetic and driven to do the best we can for our clients.
Partnership - we add value to our client's businesses and establish long term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Client-focused goals

The goal of every GBC consulting assignment is to add significant and measurable value to our clients and their businesses by:

meeting and exceeding client needs,
achieving high levels of client satisfaction,
providing best-in-market business management expertise,
establishing a close and effective partnership,
delivering services that represent real value-for-money.

Effective partnerships, sustainable results

We are focused not only on designing workable solutions but also on partnering with our clients in implementing and embedding those solutions into day-to-day business activities. In this way, GBC is focused on, and accountable for, delivering measurable business outcomes. Just as importantly, this approach allows for significant skills and knowledge transfer to take place, a critical success factor for sustaining business improvement well after the consulting assignment has ended.

Practical experience and understanding

We pride ourselves on the hands-on management experience and expertise of our people. The knowledge we bring to clients is practical and proven as it is based on actual experience in managing, building and leading high-performing and award-winning service operations.

We therefore understand real world challenges (It's never as easy as it looks!) and the importance of getting to know the client's business and tailoring every solution to the client's particular needs.